I had reconnected with Karen, an old flame from high school, through social media. While my career as a buyer made me a traveling man all through the United States, Karen had married soon after graduation and raised a family. When it turned out I would be visiting the San Francisco area where she now lived to participate in a trade show, I thought it would be fun to catch up and suggested we meet for cocktails.

It was terrific to see her after so many years, and she still had the same infectious laugh and great sense of humor. We both could feel the sparks fly and the same old chemistry we had felt during our school days. Drinks turned into dinner and then we decided to visit a nearby lounge that featured a jazz quartet. I couldn't get over how it felt that so little time had passed since we had last seen each other. We traded war stories about our divorces and agreed that it was tough to meet the right person these days, despite the plentiful amount of online dating sites.

Karen was always a terrific dancer, and immediately said yes when I suggested that we take to the dance floor at the jazz club. She still wore her signature perfume, Lauren, and just the scent of that delicious fragrance transported me back to our many wonderful dates years ago. We agreed to keep in touch to see if the sparks initiated during our reconnection date might help turn our friendship into a romance that catches fire.